Christmas Socks in January

I finished the Advent Calendar Socks 2017 designed by Niina Laitinen. I had to make some changes to make them fit my small 36 size foot. In general I have to shorten and narrow all patterns I work on.

This time I also tried to turn the “Christmas Vibes” of the Socks down for example by turning the gift boxes into plain boxes. These turned out just the perfect size and here in Finland there are still a few months of winter left so there is plenty time to wear these super warm socks this year.

The yarn I used is Seitsemän veljestä by Novita which is an Aran weight yarn that is available everywhere in Finland. In total I used 179 g (around 356 m) of yarn. The codes for the colors I used are 010, 021 and 549

Here is a link to the original pattern:

Sleepless night

Watching the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship (Jei, good job team Finland!) Sunday night until 5:30 AM has taken its toll on my sleep rhythm. So last night when I couldn’t sleep I started working on the Advent Calendar Socks from the year 2017 designed by Niina Laitinen.

A little after 6 AM I sneaked back to bed and luckily got a few hours of sleep. But the sleepless night was actually worth it because I really love how these are turning out. I made a few small changes to the original pattern. For example I left the Finland flags out and I switch the colors more frequently. I chose the smallest size and I think it was a good choice.

Here is the link to the pattern.:

Happy Monday and have a good week!

New Year, New Blog

In March last year I created an Instagram account to display my knitting and other DIY projects and to connect with other people sharing the same interests with me. I am super happy to have already over 600 followers. But since Instagram is all about pictures and sometimes you just simply need a few more words I decided to establish this blog.

My goals are to let you know what I am working on at the moment and to share my ideas and general thoughts and to write some tutorials and eventually my own knitting patterns. I am looking forward to all your comments and feedback. See you! 🙂