My personal stash of knitted socks

I am basically wearing knitted socks all the time. They don’t just warm my feet but give me a cosy and homely feeling. For chilly summer evenings or just regular Finnish winter days I have a choice of socks of diverse thickness and material and length and of course different designs from basic striped socks to socks with cables and more intricate patterns and colorwork. .

Many of them have a story of their own. Not all are made by me or even for me. For example there is one pair that has been made for my boyfriend by his mother when he was ten years old or so. He had grown out of them ages ago but I happily adopted them when he was about to throw them away.

Some are made in a knit along -project. There are pairs of socks I basically only made to try out a new technique. There is also a pair of slippers my sister made me. And some that I made with yarn I have also dyed myself.

What does your knitted sock drawer look like? Can one ever have too many pairs of knitted socks?

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