This hat combines knitting and crocheting

My new hat in tones of blue, pink and purple

A few days ago I made this casual hat that combines knitting and crocheting. I got this lovely Rigato yarn (90 m / 50 g) from Wolle Rödel (color 014) as a gift from my sister last year. I just love the color gradient.

Suddenly I knew what it had been waiting to become. A casual hat that goes really well with my favorite scarf.

My cast on. Next step is to start knitting the rib in the round.

I cast on 68 stitches and worked for 20 rows in the knit 2, purl 2 -ribbing.

Then I used a basic bind off leaving only the last stitch. I switched my double pointed needles (6 mm) into a crochet hook (4,5 mm) and started working into the same stitches using double crochet stitches. I crocheted in the round in spirals. From the fourth round up I started making decreases evenly spaced at four points per round. Starting with four decreases per round and later making double decreases.

I used 59 g of the yarn in total. Hope I come up with something to make off the around 40 g that is left of this beautiful yarn.

The Rigato yarn is made in Italy, 90 m/ 50 g

I wear the hat with the ribbing folded up as a brim. I really like the loose fit of this casual hat.

This time I just wanted to write the pattern down quickly. This hat is super easy to make and I don’t think it really requires much more instructions to succeed but feel free to ask for some directions if you need help.

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